Review from a Happy Reader

Just As Special by 3Evoke

Review from a Happy Reader:

J. Smith“I felt like this was an honest book about what children go through in life. The book gives children the confidence to reach goals they strive for.  It gives great encouragement for children who are going through a tough time.  It really hit home for me because my nephew grew up without his mother.  He often asked when he was little why does everyone he knows have a mom and he doesn’t.  It was tough to explain but I always told him he has a grandmother and aunt that loves him very much. He always felt like he was different. I am hoping the support he had from my family and his dad will help him as an adult.”

Questions from the Authors

Just As Special by 3Evoke

Questions from the Authors:

1. How would you handle answering the question: Where is my Father?

2. Who would you involve in handling this question?

3. What are the social and emotional consequences you have seen in your child’s
life due to their father not being in the home?

4. Who do your children see as their support system?

Praise for “Just as Special”

Just As Special by 3Evoke

Praise for “Just as Special”:

13 year old D. Hunt – “This was one of the best books I have read”

Trae Hurst had one of his mentees ask the question, “was this book written about me?”

B. Powell – “This is not just a book, this is a movement”

Anonymous – “This is a well over due book that tackles the topic. Excellent!”

Anonymous – “Concept was very real and needed to be addressed in a positive way. The ladies did an amazing job”

About the Authors

Just As Special by 3Evoke

About the Authors:

The women of 3Evoke, LLC: Marquetta Irons, Vonda Mattox, Loren Williams and Yolande Wooten, want to encourage the personal growth of our youth through learning, achievement and self-expression.

Through inspiring storytelling, their mission is to empower our children with positive images, thoughts and values.

The women are originally from various parts of the country. The group now lives and creates in Georgia.

Book Summary

Just As Special by 3Evoke

Book Summary:

Just As Special, addresses the question 24 million children in America have asked or at least thought about. The question is, “Why don’t I have a dad?” This book can be used as a tool to assist parents and children with the discussion of this topic with a bit more ease. The main character Mason feels as if he is different from his peers because he does not have the same family dynamic as his friends. Just As Special allows children to discover the amazing people who cannot replace their fathers, but those that can be a substitute for not having their fathers present. The book will empower the child and provide reassurance to the parents, while helping them understand that the absence of a father does not negatively define the outcome of a child’s life.