Do Something Grand! Being Thankful for Our Grand Parents This Holiday Season

Our parents, grandparents and the other senior members in our lives have played an influential role in our families. Let’s spend each day taking the time to build and strengthen the bonds we have with the senior most members of our lives.

Try some of the following ‘Grand’ activities to celebrate our elders:
– encourage your family and friends to swap their Facebook profile/cover photos with one that includes their parents, grandparents, godparents and/or senior family friends
– let your grand parents and other seniors in your life know you think they are special
– plan an intergenerational service activity or fitness fun day
– encourage the generations in the family to keep in touch through note writing
– promote family literacy with storytelling time, allowing the senior generation to share photos and history and letting the younger generation use their imagination

Enjoy this holiday season by thanking our role models for their immeasurable acts of love, care and understanding. Share with us the fun ways you have celebrated the ‘Grand Parents’ in your life.